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August 24, 2013
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A monster called Lenore by MaryLittleRose A monster called Lenore by MaryLittleRose
After thinking about it and getting past a situation, I decided to bring back Lenore completely and built, releasing ideas for her that I've had stuck for so long, removing some of her qualities and adding some new.

Name: Simply "Lenore"
Species: Soul Eater
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Orientation & Relationship Status: Demisexual; Single
Occupation: Fashion designer and Model
Hobbies & talents: Reading in general, painting and playing the piano
Likings & Dislikes: Old fashioned things such as clothes, furniture, places and even manners of people, she has a charm with the young creatures of nature but also a little despise for certain persons, quietness // and for that reason likes libraries //, dance in the water in places like lakes; her favorite kind of music is Classical, her dear love will belong to the sound of the piano and accordion. She doesn't have a problem to clean the mess of a crime, but simply can't stand to have a mess in her own home or even in herself. Lemons are gross.
Personality: She seems to be the quiet kind of person and that's mistaken with being shy, but inside she's quite talkative depending on how close she is to certain person or if there's a subject that she likes; usually speaks with a calm voice and polite words, her kindness depends on with who she's talking with; can be a little bitter and not very warm but she surely has a heart inside her chest. Some of the gestures with her hands can seem that she's nervous. Pretty sensitive, but will try to hide her true feelings to poorly known people.

Special skills: Mutate part of her limbs in dark claws; Telekinesis

-She hides a small bottle necklace with a strange liquid into her chest, and drinks from it when she feels like doing it. // souls //
-Her fingers and memory play well the piano, but rarely sits to do so.
-She has french kin, but she usually speaks English and not so much French, due to being locked up for a long time.
-Feels identified with monsters and, for some reason, with black ducklings.

Open to Roleplay and Questions seriously don't even doubt about starting something, just try to put some effort and have some fun

Edit: I updated her current age
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Wheelzzz Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014
QuQ She is the loveliest soul eater ever~
GingerQuin Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014

Question for Lenore from Dan

After the accidental encounter with Enora last night Dan hoped at least the vase of flowers where indeed delivered on time. It was Easter Sunday now and Dan had hidden a small card within the bright bouquet. The small card contains something he normal never wrote or had courage to say to a girl but it started off like this:

{ when the stars hover over Tennessee there’s a huge silence tonight. And when camp fires glow in the evening friends share secrets never fight. Now I don’t know how many stars you see in the city. But they can’t be brighter than mines. So miss if your free this evening let’s roast marshmallows tonight. }



He obvious was trying a new way of asking her out. Since he had to take her home early after the festival there wasn’t enough time to see the bon fire so he figure they could have their own smaller one. After spending a good hour finding words to rhyme he hoped she would call him back, so he made sure to write his number at the end. The message was supposed to be a sweet moment but it appear the farm boy was to late on his delivery and it had to be done this way.

((hnnng im sorry ist so damn mushy but i just had this idea shoot me in the head a couple times and here the closes ref to the flowers i found… ))

ask-CoffeeKingdom Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
I was bored and figured why not since Mocha has been thinking of you're little soul eater, if you don't feel like replying you don't have to xD It isn't long, I swear pfft //shot ))

Her mind was clouded and lost as she felt a strong need to get away from things, be it having to see her friend not wake up to the troubles of her royal duties that were constantly tugging at her. Maybe the one friend she had that wasn't unconscious, as far as she knew, would be free to do something. Probably not, it never worked out that way. She grabbed a few things before materializing to Lenore's home, her hands fiddling subconsciously with something she had in her hands.
As the young woman came into her sight, she floated over to her slowly. "Bonjour Dear Lenore. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I was wondering if you wished to do something or come and play some piano again?" she asked softly, cheeks solid red as she avoided eye contact, nervous to ask such things. Carefully she held her hands up, a pure white gold bracelet with little music notes charms and one charm of a piano. There was a diamond in the center of each tear drop of the notes and gold fringe on each charm. "I felt bad for not having anything to give you in return when you gifted me the angel bracelet last time you visited. So I got this specially crafted for you... w-well if you want it that is," she said shyly but quickly. She was so tempted to just toss it and a velvet, purple jewelry box into Lenore's hands and flee forever.
GingerQuin Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014


With a single rose in hand and a fluttering stomach, Dan waited patiently for the white haired woman to pass by as he noticed she usually would in the afternoon. Everywhere he’s been hearing words about this prom fiasco running thru Ooo. He remembers how much of a fool he made of himself and knew he could never repay that dress. That is until an idea struck him.  “Excuse me Miss Lenore I don’t know if you remember me to well, but I haven’t forgotten you, or that fact I have yet to repay you. To be honest that day and you have been on my mind for a while. And I know I’m not technically what most fancy folks would call a Catch but, I was wondering….” He sighed and gulped quietly to himself before he pulled out the rose he hid behind his back. “Would you like to attend the prom event with me? Together? I can show you a good time I promise” 

Herbie-and-Company Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
feels identified with monsters.
welp, that explains her relationship with Chives...))
marinka-ko-shikara Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
she's pretty as ever ^^ I bet she'd get along with marin pretty well, marin tailors.
Masky-Senpai Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
whaa, dem legs and dem earrings~ > v <

and I seriously love the way you drew her hair~ ♥

and mebbeh
since it said you're open to roleplaysss
maybe we could try a roleplay~? > v <

unless you feel uncomfortable with it because we barely know each other~ :iconpapmingplz:
nouge Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014
when did you have you first break through as a model?
Muki-loid07 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(( :I Question)) *she looking at Lenore as walking to her as her bag starting to glowing blue as walking and thing so hard of to go behind Lenore to feel her hair than goes up to face to face to kiss her cheek softly than place hand on her hand to feeling* Its been some long time sister Lenore by years I been looking for you as much it kills me by saying you are my master Lenore *she bows on knee to hold her hand like a royal princess as she get out of her bag a soul holder of full of souls to Lenore*
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