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September 16, 2013
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"Are you going camping tonight or what?"

That was the question that the white haired vampire asked to the rabbit, whom was packing a lot of clothes and personal items, such as accessories and even money, a few potions and strange small bags, all inside a rucksack that travelers usually carry on their backs, and she was going to be one of them too. In that moment it was clear that she was planning to start a journey, Axel knew it well and now his first words seemed more like a joke than a real question.

"Stop being a fool and help me to close this- bag!" She said forcing the clasp of the already full bag, and with a little help from him finally could close it, giving a few pats to the big sack. It was still dark outside meanwhile everyone were supposed to be sleeping, so she took a black leather jacket that was lying in the bed and put it on her along with a white scarf just in case; now she was ready to leave her humble home and cross the wide land with her feet, it surely was going to take some effort but that was exactly what she liked to do, or at least she remembered that was part of her life once: travel around and get in trouble, explore mysterious places, find what wasn't just around the corner of the street, the world still had secrets to share. Things had changed over the last time, staying at home and bearing with a routine had stolen her time and now she was going to break the rules.

Outside her own thoughts, her mouth didn't exchange any word with her companion, but at least he was willing to help her with the baggage to the door, and he didn't bother to ask the reason why she was leaving, it was obvious: she needed to feel her heart again and the blood run through her veins, thing that he doesn't feel till these days, but could remember with nostalgia. Once they both were standing outside the house, the rabbit took her belongings and hung them in her back, the old friends embraced each other and the vampire handed a sword covered in leather to the girl, saying goodbye and until soon.

Maybe is needless to say that Axel wasn't going to worry about her, he knew well that she was capable to handle her life by herself, but... there was someone that cared.

Before of starting her way, the rabbit girl passed by the house of someone, careful to be quiet and not wake him up; she wanted to just say goodbye but discreetly and disappear from the map. Her feet landed in front of the door but didn't knock, instead she left a letter underneath the slot of the door with the following words:


When you read this, I'll be gone.
I know that this is so sudden, but I must go away...
I'm sorry that I couldn't tell you this in your face, I just can't,
because I know how you could take it, and it pains me to see you cry;
you see? I'd feel pain... and I shouldn't.

I can't be by your side any longer, Jim... and I can't marry you,
I'm a coward, and even when I thought about it once or twice,
I can't tie myself to someone, not yet, not yet
I can't be what you need, I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't, I can't

Maybe I'll return someday, but by then I'll probably have changed my name
and I don't know if you will recognize me, or if I'll still feel the
same for you...

Don't wait for me anymore.
Take care."

As her debt was made and there was nothing else to do or regret, she walked away into the darkness without looking back, her eyes wanted to mourn but she wasn't going to start her journey broken, no, she was going to be tough and aspire to be stronger. Her first goal was to find a place where to spend the night, the rest depended on the destiny.
After a long time of debate with myself and seeing how much I've neglected Loveless, I decided to bring her back.

Soon I'll do a revamp of her and clean her backstory, even change her name but that is a fact that goes into her story.
Basically she's still the same tough heroine but decided to change her name and leave everything to find something new.

If there's something sure, she'll pass by to visit some old friends and meet new people, so I hope that you guys are open to RP with her~
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{Aw, I'm sad that she and Jim broke up, but this really does make her realistic. And I love that about her! It's sad, but this type of stuff happens all the time. So I can't wait to see what happens next. :> }
noooooooooooo.please no.ill do anything.just,no.
im crying.seriously.literally.why????!!!!!*quietly sobs in corner*
MaryLittleRose Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't cry </3
i cant help it.loveless was the first oc of yours i saw.i am loyal until the end.loveless&jim foreves.:'(
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