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Origin of the Rose Demon Guards by MaryLittleRose Origin of the Rose Demon Guards by MaryLittleRose
This info is for nothing more than to explain the origin and importance of the guards in the Rose Kingdom for development.

The beginnings of the kingdom:

First, let's not forget who's the ruler: a vampiress called Eternity, who was converted by her own personal choice, accepting this important role to put order and peace in this place.

Before that Eternity took the crown, the kingdom was populated by only a quarter of the normal population, not including the newborns, due to the many deaths incurred by the fire. Everyone lived in the innocent bubble of a fairy tale and they didn't know what evil could be capable of doing so there were no safety precautions or limits, nothing more than faith and love, but even when all that sounded so dreamy to live in, it just wasn't enough to enssure their lives: they needed guards, and what would be even better, a whole army to protect their backs, but at the moment, the queen would use her own strenght to build the ruins again and defend her people with her fists.


A couple of years passed and Eternity had already grown into a loving and caring queen to her people, a role model and a reliable source. So far, the state of the kingdom was in peace, but for how longer could that last? she still had to find an infalible way to protect the future of the people and not commit the same mistake that the older queen made. She tried to make contact with outsiders that needed a job and that could give such services, but not matter who might stand in front of her, she couldn't fully trust no one, and that made her become a wary and mistrustful ruler.

After trying it all, her last option came to mind: ...what would happen if she used death at her advantage again? she knew that it was a serious subject, but when you are by the other side of life already, there is nothing to fear anymore.

One day, Eternity got into the darkest places that she could find, and in a library she found the answer to all her needs. She found a special book to summon demons of all kinds, and one of those assured to give services as a loyal guard that could protect you from any danger, a presence that no matter their looks, had superhuman strength and hidden powers being able to shoot down any obstacles; it needed to be domesticated, but most important, the ashes of a living being to come into this world as your creation.

The birth of Number #1:

Is important to emphasize that the lifetime of the average rose person isn't very long and they can suffer diseases, but for now I'll just limit to say that, because they take an important role in this part, and the course of life is something impossible to stop, so at some point of the year funerals were a common tradition. In one of them, when no one was in the churchyard of the kingdom, the queen sneaked in and unearthed one of the fresh bodies before that it would turn into dirt as well, and dragged it into the castle; it was time to prove what that book said.

In a dark room underground, Eternity opened the ancient book and followed the instructions that were written in the paper; after having the body made ashes she traced a strange symbol in the floor and recited the sentences that were necessary to summon the demon. She couldn't believe her eyes how the ashes slowly began to shape a figure that ended into a tall man-looking creature of a solid black color, and standing in front of him, he opened his eyes to look at her and didn't hesitate to embrace her without saying a word.



The Rose Demons are the
reincarnation of some of the dead rose people but in a male form, representing strenght and power and also it's very useful to not raise suspicions. Their spirits still hold that bond between daughter and mother // because all the roses are her daughters in some way or another // changing into sons, not being aware of this; but they also run the risk of confronting their family once they've just been made, so there are some rules between them:

- Their only duty is to protect the kingdom and their queen
- Be loyal at heart
It's forbidden to have intimate contact with the citizens
- Everyone knows when it's time to sacrifice themselves

Eternity knows well the price of this sacrifice, and also she knows well that in other eyes that are not hers it may seem like a dark business, but when you can't trust strangers, all that's left is to keep your actual bonds alive, and the security of her people comes first of all at all costs. So it's important to keep this whole secret locked up.

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lovely. ^^
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I absolutely love the fact how you've sort of like BONDED with the rose kingdom there's soooo much development with the history and i love it! Would Eternity one day sacrifice Dulce, Florencia V, and Octavia III?
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wow, so creative and i m really glad i found your art XD
MythIsBack Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow I love the whole concept/story behind this! It's very intriguing and creative. <3
(p.s. I'm in love with Eternity's dress too haha)

(( Ohsothat'swhytheydon'tinteractwiththerosebabbus

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But hgngns I really enjoyed reading on their origins~ butohgoshthe'theirspiritsstillholdthatbondbetweendaughterandmohter'partkindofgotmehgns,IalmostmadeitthroughthewholethingwithoutneedingtissuetilIgottothere :iconpapcryplz: :heart: ))

MaryLittleRose Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The dark magic have been revealeeedd :iconohmygodplz: !!!

I'm glad that you enjoyed this<33 but please stop crying hhnn I didn'tmeantomakeyourtearnnoooooo :iconcraiplz:
VEKTTOR Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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