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December 13, 2013
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Soul Eater Species: Info by MaryLittleRose Soul Eater Species: Info by MaryLittleRose
Alright guys, I know that many of you wonder of how Lenore's species work // Soul Eater // and that maybe my answers in Q's haven't left things clear enough, and how I don't see any info sources about this kind of monster I'll make an introduction myself.

Note: This species are closed for the moment.

Skeleton Divider by GasaraSkeleton Divider by GasaraSkeleton Divider by GasaraSkeleton Divider by GasaraSkeleton Divider by Gasara

The soul, that strange oddity that every human seem to possess inside themselves, it can be very difficult to understand and often impossible to see with your eyes, but there are creatures that live among ourselves, and they feed from that precious and vital property: The Soul Eaters.

General characteristics:

- When they are born, their eyes are completely black, just like their blood, but with the time their true color shows.
- Pale skin, as well their hair: Their white color
represents equality and at the same time lack of identity as beings, if we make a comparison, like a blank piece of paper that needs to be filled.
- Two horns in the head, they usually take place above the temples, and they're white as their hair.
- Big eyes
with no pupil, but nevertheless they can perfectly see.
- Ability to
mutate their limbs into monstrous and black parts, sometimes completely turning into a beast.

According to these physical characteristics they seem all the same, but in reality they have
various natures depending on the color of their eyes, which are 8 colors of the human aura, and so they are categorized by fate.


Is ambitious, optimistic, with great courage and desire to fight in life. It's a natural born fighter who never gives up when they face obstacles that life can put in front of them. That desire to fight makes them grow, feeling as a better person every day. They love sports, especially adventure. They are full of energy and enthusiasm.

They seek to stand out in society, and therefore the best work for them is to have a job with certain responsibility. They have great leadership qualities and are good strategists. In relationships with others, they'll always be willing to participate and contribute new ideas. Immediately endearing.

Unlike of what you might think, they are warm and friendly with their people. Pending to give them what they need for their loved ones, and bring them all the protection that they are capable to give.

*Can be excessively selfish.

Is a very sociable and active person. This aura denotes strong capabilities to address areas in which several people are involved. They have good diplomatic skills and are loyal friends. Their feelings always seem to be honest, but the problem is that sometimes they are so sensitive that eventually they close in themselves.

Able to adapt to anything, however that doesn't imply that they don't have a lot of dreams and ambitions that you want to fulfill. They like teamwork.

They're affectionate and friendly with everyone, and one of their goals in life is to help others in some way. They need to feel useful and therefore they always seek jobs where their part is very important and necessary.

*Can become a manipulative person who does what it takes to get to fulfill their desires.

Yellow: Is a very sociable and attentive person. The yellow, as good mental color, refers to people with bright and clear thought. They are agile thinkers, sometimes so much, they are thinking about a thousand of things at once and end up forgetting the simplest things. They're always chasing any idea, no matter how crazy they can be they expect to turn it into reality.

They enjoy to have discussions, listening and reviewing anything. They are good students and they love to know many things. They know how to entertain people and enjoy being with other people. They need to socialize or they suffer if they feel isolated.

They are very creative and they are very good at those jobs in which they have to continually express themselves. Therefore, firms with no contact with people is not their thing.

Can turn into an excessively critical person with itself and others.

Is a lovely person and with great determination. They are very sensitive and their energy requires them to help others as much as possible. They are very caring and with great gifts of healing, so if their aura is positive, they'll always be willing to help where they can.

For their qualities might well be a doctor, a volunteer or just an anonymous person when they can be giving to others. And if it's impeded or impotent lend a hand, they suffer so much, for their sensitivity. Therefore, before of letting others suffer, they are willing to suffer for them.

They have a great determination so they often finish everything that they start, even though they are told that it's impossible for them. They go slowly, but in the end, they always arrive and with honors.

*They can be
stubborn, if they're not careful they can get to close their mind and become a truly ornery person.

Blue: Is a person with great communication skills and great ideals. They like sincerity and prefer to say things to the face instead of sneaking around. Their motto might well be "Always ahead with the truth", but sometimes the truth can hurt. They are fun and always looking for things to do.

They really want to live life and convey optimism and joy to others.

They have a great strength of spirit and mind, so they're usually very open to debate, reflect and think about anything. They don't want to be categorized in a certain way and that's why some people might seem to be somewhat "crazy."

*They may become too unstable.

Is a very loving and caring person. It's precisely their ability to understand things and give good advice and that's a reason why people enjoy their presence. Helping others is a great satisfaction, and it should be said that they do it quite well. Even sometimes they do it without realizing with some comment that whoever is with them needed to hear. In fact they are very intuitive, but also very logical people that know how to find balance between mind and feelings. They radiate a kind of gullibility and tenderness, admired by many people.

They like simple things, especially the contact with people. They are usually very deep people who seek sincerity primarily.

Can become the perfect manipulator.

Purple: Is a particularly spiritual person. The world around them don't seem to worry them too much, though they are very aware of their own personal growth. This spirituality can develop in very different ways. Some become very religious, others take the path of meditation and others simply want to know themselves better.

The journey to their inner world can be exciting. They know that the road is very rewarding and they don't want to waste time on other things. They love deep reading and discussions about the things of the spirit. They work as a wonderful channel to the spirit world. And if they are balanced they can become intermediaries between the spirit and the very important matter. Some may become into
professionals esoterists.

Can become very egotistical.

Is an especially sentimental and sensitive person. However if you might think that this is a weaker person, it's actually the opposite. Their sensitivity and strength of their feelings provide tem with an impressive fighting ability. Even though their actions are highly delicate and harmonious, they are sometimes even impetuous. People often admire them for it.

It's a very self-sacrificed person who eagerly pursues their dreams, by utopian they may seem to others. They know how to make decisions and enjoy their freedom and maneuverability to get the most out of their lives. They are very affectionate and need to be continually demonstrating their affection for others. They also need much love to know that their life has any meaning. If they don't find it they'll seek to find it. Nothing escapes from them.

*Their strong feelings can turn into their weakness to need the support of people around them.

The monster inside them:

The Soul Eaters
are some of the most refined monsters that you can find, their diet is as normal as any other living being, some even have vegetarian preferences, but their thirst must be satisfied, and they're very capable to take your soul by simple methods having the slightest contact with their prey, sometimes they'll even dare to flirt, but that depends on their personality and sexuality. One of most common ways is by kissing, but also it's possible to just attract it from inside the body to the outside, looking as a bright floating fluid.

These creatures normally won't try to hurt you, just take what they need, your soul of course, but that
has its consequences: once a Soul Eater takes part of your soul, they take some years of your life, so you will die younger than your lifetime is expected, and those ages adds to their own lifetime, reason why they are considered almost immortal, to survive for decades, sometimes even centuries.

It's worth mentioning that you may not always be lucky, because if you meet a self-indulgent demon then it'll probably end taking all your soul, meaning to take your vital strenght and kill you right after. They're not really interested in your flesh to eat, but sometimes they can have murderous needs.

// i'm so tired hhhh and that's all for now folks //

Lenore c) *MaryLittleRose

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Exactly, no brown skinned //no racist //

it's just part of their race, their tones come from white, grey or pale like slightly yellow/pink
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